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living in my car

The Chronicles of Two Summers Spent Living in My Car

For the summers of 2015 and 2016, I decided to live homeless as I took the slow ride up the west coast of the United States along the infamous Highway 1. I started from Mexico and turned back after a few weeks exploring National Parks in Canada. While on this […]

Secrets of Yosemite

Exploring Secrets of Yosemite National Park

It was a hot summer weekend in late July of 2015. I was living in my car at the time for the past month; taking river showers in the early mornings and hiking all day wherever I was. I had just come from a solo traveler’s euphoria for one special […]

The Island No One Ever Hears About

It always amazes me the amount of people I meet that have never heard of Malta before. It doesn’t matter where you’re from, this tiny island that I’ve been living on for a year hardly gets any attention; even Europeans don’t know where it is! It truly is the island […]

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